With the ever growing number of tech companies in Brisbane it wasn't surprising when we moved in to our new Cordelia St offices in South Brisbane and our upstairs neighbours, Digital 8, were working within the same industry.

While we specialise in software design, Digital8's forte is web design and digital marketing. Recently we teamed up for the UI/UX design piece for one of their clients. Along with Tim (Digital8’s project manager/graphic designer) we scoped, wireframed and designed the user interface of a brand new suite of websites for a national client of Digital8’s.

Project Brief:
We were initially contacted by Digital8’s General Manager Joe McCord to work on the front end of a website for one of Digital8’s overflow clients. The brief was simple: work in conjunction with Tim to respond to the clients spec by creating a scope, building a wireframe for the front end and assisting with UI and UX.

What We Did:
Most obviously we began the process with conversations and a brainstorm about the project, we broke down the spec and designed a wireframe that was put forward to the client and approved immediately. We then worked with the guidance of Tim and Joe to review the wireframe, then built out to create a more detailed mockup that would give both the client and the developers a broader understanding of the direction of the project. Again the clients were happy and our part in the project was delivered.

The Outcome:
The part of the project that we worked on was a success both from a technical and professional viewpoint. Working collaboratively with our neighbours was a great way to get to know their specialisations up close – allowing us to keep an eye out for more opportunities to work together in the future!