We bring your digital vision to life.

NetEngine was established in 2007 by Bruce Stronge and Tudor Marsden-Huggins whom have a long history of working with global companies to create and realise their technology visions.

NetEngine specialises in supporting organisations of all sizes to bring their digital visions to life. By creating long-term partnerships with our clients and by ensuring that our products provide clear and effective user interfaces, we ensure the software development journey is seamless across a range of industries and innovations.

We are a purpose-led team of architects, designers and developers that collaborate with you to create sustainable solutions that really make a difference.

Our team of experts are motivated by actually making a positive difference. We get to the heart of your idea or problem and deliver unique solutions, using proven lean and agile methodologies.

Our Values

Do worthwhile things

Make a difference. Be bold and do what you love.

Assume good intent

Be good to each other. Be optimistic.

Delight people

Exceed expetations. Do the right thing.

Be frank

Be clear and don't bullshit. Interact openly.

Our Team

Adam Brooks

Sergey Aksyutin

Eduardo Ramos

Hoang Phan

Daniel Zambrano

Martin Madsen

Matthew Randle

Ray Duncan

Daniel Tomasic

Daniel Beach

Chelsea Tang

Angie Robson

Brodie McIntyre

Fabiano Scalco

Duy Nam Vo

Adam Guinea

Tudor says

Founder and Managing Director

Every Chief Executive I know has a “Digital Vision” for the future of their business. More than ever they are focused on innovating to “disrupt” their existing business model before a new entrant does. This type of “giant leap” innovation is virtually impossible to achieve from within your IT department, it’s not even in their interest!

Talk to Netengine today about how we can bring your digital vision to life with our rapid prototyping service and then scale it with you. We will make your business more agile, deliver your solution faster and do it more cost effectively that you can in-house by giving you the right resources for each part of the development cycle. Start today, whilst your competitors are still just thinking about it.