Before we begin the product improvement, we’ll invite you in for a workshop with some of the team to understand your ideas or concerns. We’ll uncover needs, primary goals and map out your requirements.

Understand your product

To get a full picture of your product’s potential, we first deconstruct it by carefully mapping out every existing workflow, assessing any issues, gaps, opportunities and suggestions. Competitor analysis is a useful approach to see what’s working (and what’s not) in your market.

Next steps

Once we have a list of prioritised issues and opportunities, we’ll identify the key problems or features we’re going to work on and we’ll start improving your product one step or phase at a time.

Code review

Our developer team will thoroughly audit the existing product codebase and architecture, ensuring the system is good quality, secure, modernised and optimal for enhancement. We will provide a recommendation to either leverage the existing, edit and update any degradation and in some cases, rewrite from scratch.





We pay close attention to the user interface and experience of your product’s key features to make sure that while we’re solving problems or enhancing the features, we’ll also be making the product look marvelous.


Functionality comes first and is the priority during our initial design process. We’ll create a grayscale wireframe to nail down the fundamental product elements, layout and workflow.


With the backbone of the features in place, we’ll turn our attention and creativity to the actual interface and user experience. This is where we’ll really immerse your branding or the new visual identity into the product as we craft your mockups.





As a software development house, we are fully committed to bringing your application to life. We pride ourselves on the flexibility of our software, and its ability to adapt over the course of our partnership. 


We believe in the power of users, so together we will invite the right people to use and test your prototype. This step is critical to help us further identify any underlying opportunities. We establish automated testing, perform internal testing, and ultimately you will test and approve the functionality of your application.


We generally develop in two week sprints to ensure we maintain the right trajectory, providing you with confidence in delivery and allowing you to alter scope and direction as your development unfolds.





The application release can take many forms but essentially, your refreshed product or service is now available for new users.


Completing the project’s first horizon is usually the completion of one of many. Continue feature development and expand, whether that be in new verticals, better coverage, new business’ arms, or to cover off a larger portion of a business flow.

Support and maintenance

Go into maintenance mode; you continue on with the sales process for your SAAS product and we’ll make sure she stays well fed and healthy. We’ll keep you updated with reports on traffic, user behaviour and help ensure your application remains ready for anything.