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Digital Experience vs Digital Service

Imagine this: you’re heading to the beach to spend a day with your friends. You’ll be spending time swimming, throwing a ball, and enjoying a few drinks. Before you get to do that, though, you need to scour the area nearby to find somewhere to park your car and feed the parking meter. But you’re […]

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Guide: The CEO’s Cheat Sheet to Developing a Mobile or Web App

Our increasingly technological and globalised working world has levelled the playing field, and as such, your business may face new market competitors almost every day. Now, there’s so much at stake to stay relevant, competitive and achieve your business growth goals. Building your business’ digital capabilities is imperative to stay one step ahead of potentially […]


How to determine product-market fit for your web or mobile app

So, you have an incredible idea for an app. It’s your pet project or idea and you’re passionate about it. But you’ve never done it before! Where do you go, what should you do, and where should you start? Before you launch into marketing or developing your app, workshopping your idea and determining product-market fit […]


Guide: How Much Does An App Cost To Build

Today apps come from every industry: media companies, banks, airlines, recruitment, cafes and restaurants, government agencies, games, and social networks, just to name a few. Everyone has seen headlines of inspiring multi-billion dollar apps from Instagram to Uber. Naturally, this has forced brands to get into the mobile and web app space to grow and […]


Flexbox style grids with nth child magic.

I was shown a really interesting article a few weeks ago explaining how to do ‘quantity queries’ (think of them like media queries but based on how much content you have) using last, first and nth child pseudo-classes. Some pretty cool uses of using pseudo-classes in order to style your layout include, the the ability […]

Gone fishing: from bash to fish

Since starting at NetEngine I’ve been challenged to optimise my work environment, including my shell. I’m not a fan of heavy customisation. Previously, I worked across many different machines and so I stuck to plain old bash and vim for any terminal work. I’ve avoided heavy customisation of my dotfiles, or using someone else’s customisation. […]


The Direction Of The Dependency

When projects grow they become hard to change. One aspect that is not often highlighted is dependency direction. I haven’t found much material on the topic, maybe the best ideas came from this talk by Sandi Metz “Less, the path to a better design”. Some of the main points of Sandi’s talk The purpose of […]

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NetEngine’s tech and app favourites

This month we started a weekly newsletter to share articles we’ve liked, apps that are making our lives easier and new developments in tech. The following is what we’ve loved in June. If you’d like to sign up to the newsletter you can do so here   Zoom.us “If you have got an invite from […]