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How to Integrate Xero and Salesforce Using Breadwinner: A Guide for Streamlining Your Sales and Finance Teams

In today’s fast-paced business environment, aligning your sales and finance teams is more critical than ever. With the right tools and technology, you can ensure that these crucial parts of your business are not just aligned but also highly productive. This is where Breadwinner comes in, offering a seamless integration between Xero and Salesforce, two […]

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The Future of AI: Ethical Considerations for Responsible Development and Deployment

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is reshaping the world at breakneck speed. While its potential to solve complex problems and automate tedious tasks is undeniable. The ethical implications can’t be ignored. Opaque algorithms and privacy concerns are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the challenging questions that loom over AI. As leaders, we […]

Q&A with Steve Buckman

As the NetEngine team continues to grow, we welcomed Steve Buckman last month, our new Head of Engineering! Since starting, Steve has dived straight in, heading up our diverse team with enthusiasm. We sat down with him to get to know him, his role, and what he’s most excited about in the NetEngine world.   […]


What is AI and how is it changing technology?

Recently, the NetEngine team has been working on developing AI for one of our work tech clients, Scout Talent. The goal was to support Scout Talent’s business needs as a talent acquisition platform in a phased process – with the first phase being using AI to automate content generation. Leading this project is frontend developer, […]

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Building the Scout Talent App

We recently created an app for our client, Scout Talent, a talent acquisition platform provider that works to connect people to grow companies, careers, and communities. This app, called the Scout Talent App, is a mobile version of :Recruit, their premier software module.  :Recruit is a robust candidate management and applicant tracking system that enables […]

The Basics of Software Integration

How good are apps? They’re everywhere. Whether you’re at work or at home, if you’ve got a problem that needs to be solved, there’s likely an app that can do it for you. But with data stored across platforms, how do you get them to talk to each other and work in conjunction with the […]

Outsourcing Integration Solutions

  Recently, we hosted a webinar with Go1, a SaaS marketplace with e-learning content providers on one side and online consumers (businesses who use the content for compliance and professional development) on the other. Valued at over US$1 billion, Go1 has become Australia’s newest tech unicorn–and it’s easy to see why they shine. Their impressive […]