Recently, we hosted a webinar with Go1, a SaaS marketplace with e-learning content providers on one side and online consumers (businesses who use the content for compliance and professional development) on the other. Valued at over US$1 billion, Go1 has become Australia’s newest tech unicorn–and it’s easy to see why they shine. Their impressive pool of over 3.5 million learners is possible due to their unique main value proposition and their subscription model that gives users access to learning content all in one place. 

In our webinar, titled “Building trust and integration solutions”, Go1’s CIO Thomas Wythe and Senior Technical Project Manager, Ric Fry, spoke with NetEngine Project Lead, Mersija Mujic, and Senior Software Development and Team Leader, Eduardo Ramos, about their experience working together towards integration solutions and what that process looked like. 

As the world becomes more and more technology-driven, it’s become imperative that users have valuable experiences through seamless integrations on the platforms they use. As you will hear in the webinar, integrations have become stand-alone services that software development companies such as NetEngine can offer.

The context of the project

Go1 has the largest e-learning library in the world and an innovative format of making content discoverable and available through a subscription model. So, it only makes sense that they want to grow and make sure the user experience remains smooth. 

Thomas Wythe explained that after realising that they wanted their internal team’s priorities to be scaling and enriching their interfaces, they developed APIs on both sides of the marketplace, with the intention of outsourcing their integrations to external software integrators such as NetEngine. The desired outcome of this project was to develop solid middleware that would integrate the APIs of Go1 and the clients’, creating a seamless experience for users as the platform grew.

Some of the reasons tech companies like Go1 would outsource integrations are:

  • To meet tight deadlines
  • To focus on growth
  • To increase capacity

Wythe detailed that Go1 wanted “to prove that this model of outsourcing some integrations would enable both sides of [their] marketplace to grow quickly, creating a flywheel of momentum”. They came up with their own system of how to work with external software integrators to enable this model–NetEngine fit within their build, as Go1 wanted a team that worked independently and reliably.

Our team worked almost as an extension of theirs, joining Go1 internal meetings and communication channels. NetEngine worked with Go1’s clients, specifically their learning resource providers, to integrate their content with the e-learning platform and make the client’s course creation interface customisable. Refining this user experience was an intensive, collaborative process: together with Go1, we pressure tested, improved and ‘sanded’ the developer experience.

The end result is that NetEngine helped Go1 realise their innovative vision of outsourcing their integration to facilitate a smooth user journey, allowing their internal team to focus on scaling and enriching their interfaces.

How you can work with NetEngine

Our webinar discussing our work with Go1 is a shining example of a successful partnership creating integration solutions. NetEngine is constantly working with our clients to create tailored integration solutions that achieve their goals.

We can help you achieve a range of goals through integrations, including:

  • Increasing your team capacity to complete work faster
  • Outsourcing your integrations to allow your team to focus on scaling
  • Making your systems more efficient 
  • Delivering microservices to increase your product’s functionality

An important deciding factor with all of our partnerships is whether our services will be a good fit for you. During our initial communications, we will discuss goals, the scope of your project and expectations to determine how we will progress.

The benefit of working with NetEngine is our process is extremely communicative and collaborative–as mentioned in the webinar, we are an in-house, Australia-based team that will work closely with you in local time to achieve your goals.


If you want to know more about how you can work with us, get in touch here.

You can also watch our Go1 webinar, Building trust and integration solutions, here.