National Grower Register

Simple, Secure and Streamlined data collection and dissemination for the agricultural industry.

The National Grower Register’s (NGR), myNGR is a data dissemination software which facilitates the flow of grower information through the agricultural industry.

After a major redevelopment of the legacy NGR software, the myNGR web based application became a reality in mid-2016, enabling a grower to self-register online and reduce the need for unnecessary paperwork. As myNGR’s maintenance period drew to an end, NGR began the search to find a software development organisation to support myNGR. In early 2017 NGR engaged NetEngine to support their regular maintenance program and ongoing development roadmap.


Since taking on the myNGR application NetEngine has added several features including an entirely new template and mailing system, an incoming and automated document handler, a web form system as well as a mobile application to provide growers with the flexibility to look after their NGR details on the go.

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