AI-Studio: Case Study

How NetEngine Created AI-Studio

Scout Talent wanted to tap into AI to create revolutionary tech to save their clients time on repetitive recruitment tasks. But they needed to find the right development partner to help them bring their digital vision to life. That’s where we came in.

 Watch the case study to see how NetEngine and Scout Talent worked together to develop AI Studio. AI Studio is saving Scout Talent’s clients an estimated 80% of their time. 

We couldn’t be prouder of what we’ve achieved together.

Your Development Journey

If you’re keen to take your idea from concept to code, here’s what your development roadmap might look like.
Assess fit.
We’ll grab a coffee and have a chat. Then we see if you and our friendly local team are a great fit for one another!
Flesh out your ideas in a Discovery Workshop.
You’ll love our collaborative, inclusive Discovery Workshops. We’ll gain a deep understanding of your unique vision and together we’ll create a pathway to test your product with real users.
Collaborate with your very own Project Manager, UX/UI Designer, Frontend developer and Backend developer.
Take a user-centred design approach
Great design is based on understanding your user experience. Our team creates user-friendly applications in line with your goals, to ensure your product is a success.
Undergo sprint development
By this point, we’ve done most of the foundational work together. It’s time for you to sit back and let your development team work their magic!
You and your NetEngine development team will agree on a sprint, the work to be accomplished in a set timeframe. Sprint methodology allows you to develop your product, stay agile and retain greater control.
Receive and demo your MVP
This one is the most exciting and rewarding part of the software development journey! Seeing your product come to life. Your very own team of designers help you reach your MVP (the first representation of your solution) sooner.
Test & launch
Release and test
Share your MVP with your investors, users or executive team to keep the ball rolling. Plan your next sprint and agree on next steps.
At this stage, your MVP will be at a level to solve real challenges for your customers or users; they may be so happy and excited by your product, they’ll act as promoters, share their satisfaction and recommend it to others.
Test & launch
Next sprint
Start your next sprint
After releasing your MVP and obtaining user feedback, it’s time to continue developing and refining your digital product.
Next sprint

Why work with NetEngine?

Innovation doesn’t happen in a vacuum; it requires the right partnership to bring a vision to life. That’s precisely what transpired between us at NetEngine and our client, Scout Talent. Here’s how we contributed to the creation of AI-Studio:

Australian Based

We are an Australian based team, who can work with you on your projects face to face.


Things can change, and our agile methodology provides the flexibility you need for your project.


We drive the best results possible, see what our clients have to say.


With over 16 years of experience we’re well equipped to tackle any project.


We are committed to transparency, and have a no nonsense approach to problem solving.

Competitive Pricing

For the level of quality your project will receive, our pricing doesn’t break the bank.

Overall, our partnership with Scout Talent went beyond just building a product; it was about jointly realising a transformative vision.

AI-Studio is not just another addition to Scout Talent’s product suite; it’s a cornerstone of their ongoing digital evolution. We couldn’t be prouder of what we’ve achieved together.