Senza Carta

Launching the brand new digital employee experience.

For the past couple months, NetEngine has been working closely with one of our clients to shape Senza Carta, a web application for the brand new digital employee experience. As we reached to the delivery point of the MVP product, the team had the chance to work on a landing page to help our client attract the initial group of users.


The Challenge

When the team was told by the client that a launching page will be designed by another agency, we said “why not let us have a go at first?”. We had been working on the MVP product for quite a while, and we were confident that no one was more familiar with and passionate about the product than we were. So we were up for the challenge.

Iteration 1: Test the Water

Client: “I want…”

What the client wanted was simple in the first round, be on brand and be clean. We were given 2 landing page examples, Facebook Workplace and NetEngine’s in house project Cloudbill.

Senza Carta

NetEngine: “Here’s what you’ve asked for…”

With the color scheme of the logo and some content from the client’s pitch deck. Here’s the design the team came up with:

Design V1

Iteration 2: A Clearer Direction

Client: “I think…”

  • More distinctive colours to separate different sections of the page (the current grey colour is too light)
  • The page needs to be divided into two categories, for individual and for business. Each category has its own style and content.
  • Require some illustrations for the individual page to target a more diverse demographic
  • Would like to see more screenshots representing the actual product in the page
  • New example: deputy’s feature page

NetEngine: “Illustrations? You got it!”

Having learned that the client wanted some illustrations to represent different user groups for the product and to fit the slogan “Senza Carta is for everyone”.

The first idea that jumped into our head was bags. No matter, what occupation you are in, you always need a bag. So we created a bunch of them.

We presented a new version of the individual page:

Design V2

Iteration 3: Take it up a notch

NetEngine: “We want to add more value!”

At this point, we were on track to finish the business page within the budget. However, the team felt the current individual page design felt too corporate. It would be way cooler if we had more time to create a couple of illustrations for the features in the individual page.

So we asked, and the client said yes!


Here is the final version approved by the client. We even got to throw some nice animations to the illustrations.

Design V3_2
Design V3_1
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