We're looking for a designer / front-end developer in Brisbane | NetEngine

We're looking for a designer / front-end developer in Brisbane

Do you sometimes have dreams about Sass or Coffeescript? I know, you’re not proud to admit it.

NetEngine is looking to expand our small team with another enthusiastic front-end developer / designer. Someone who cares about building and designing functional and beautiful applications.

NetEngine Code

All about you…

As someone involved in the day-to-day goings-on of NetEngine, you’ll always be ready to put forward your ideas (and they’ll always be welcomed). You care about not only making things work, but keeping them maintainable and scalable.

I believe in the front-end app development world there is no room for simply building a Photoshop mockup. The constant changing of the goal in agile development means constructing a series of re-usable modules along with a flexible (and responsive) layout to house an ever-changing & growing application.

Some ideal characteristics:

You’re comfortable working with Rails, or willing to learn. We use HAML for templates. Any experience with Ruby is a plus.

You use a CSS preprocessor. We use Sass but we also love Stylus. You love pushing the boundaries of what’s achievable with these and other front-end technologies. You love experimenting with the new, but know how to wrangle the old into submission.

You practise SMACSS, OOCSS or similar, or at least keep the ideals in mind. You care about the readability/cleanliness of your code/stylesheets.

You have a solid javascript foundation. You can do wonders with jQuery but you’re comfortable gettings your hands dirty in any framework or frameworkless environment. You’re comfortable with Coffeescript.

Working knowledge of said javascript frameworks would be useful (experience with Backbone, Ember or similar would be great). You have experience working with charting libraries (we’ve recently been enjoying the simplicty of Morris.js).

About us

Joining our team would mean joining a group of passionate software developers. It would also mean joining a group of coffee & beer loving, music fanatics (and players). It means joining a multicultural (Zimbabwe, Brazil, France, Italy, Australia & growing), friendly and open environment.

We have a spacious, comfortable office (that sits atop a coffee shop) in Fortitude Valley, Brisbane.

We enjoy sharing meals or a drink together, and the occasional sailing trip.


Contact jobs@netengine.com.au to blow us away. Let us know why you think you’d be a good fit with NetEngine. Please provide us with links to any relevant apps/sites.