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TEDx Registration App

If you have been following us for a long while, you’d already know that intrigue and curiosity for all things TED, exists at NetEngine.

Early this year we sought out the TEDx Brisbane organisers and after much tooing and frowing we met with them in our downstairs hideout, alright, actually it was the coffee shop downstairs, Tonic.

The right conversation often leads to discovery in all the right places

Two of TEDx Brisbane’s main organisers Lisa Watt, and Carl Lindgren ran through the work flow they follow to deliver their awesome event. While they did, an opportunity to build something of value for TEDx emerged in the NetEngine Team minds’.

To fix something if it’s not broken?

Essential to any TEDx event is an audience who want to attend. With this in mind, we asked Carl to detail how they accept and capture registrations for the usually oversubscribed-to, event. Feeling the level of anguish in his voice rise, Carl detailed the current means for capture. No surprises, it was a system with a heavy administrative focus, headache inducing to the administrator responsible for it and all too ineffecient for these time poor people to be bothered with.

To say our super hero senses kicked in here, would be a tad hypobolic. However between Dan and MD Bruce in a matter of moments, they’d distilled the core issue and drafted in concept a completely new, agile-driven registration system. One that promised to: limit the administrative guff; look inviting to the customer using it; and in short could bring a whole load more autonomy for its administrators.

“What! That’s sounding too good to be true,” marvelled Carl and Lisa. Seemingling a little skeptical of the ‘magic’ system we had offered to build them, the TEDx organisers agreed to let us tackle their legacy business problem.

Build with an opensource solution at its heart and share the learning

With our plan ready for implementation, what better way than to add a little extra to the TED ethos, than to ask our eager NetEngine Code School recruits to weigh in and assist in the app development.

Now on a path to deliver, our idea worth spreading

We delivered our prototype registration system to TEDx at the close of this financial year. To say they loved it, would be an understatement. When we asked Lisa and other head honcho Paul Fairweather what in particular they loved about it, their reply was one we love to hear.

Simply put, we addressed their problem and then some, enabling additional features which they hadn’t dreamed were possible.

To-date, its thought nothing like this has been built for TEDx events across the globe, so now we think we might have built an idea worth spreading. Get in touch if you’d like us to customise our open source registration application for your event.