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Sorebums Launches - Proudly in Pain for Diabetes Australia

A few weeks ago NetEngine were approached by The Employment Office to design and develop a website for an event where a stationary bike would be ridden continuesly to raise $20,000 for Diabetes Queensland. All proceeds from the event will be donated to Diabetes Queensland, an organisation committed to reducing the incidence of diabetes through awareness, prevention, detection, management and the search for a cure.

The website would stream riders via a live webcam as they complete a 2,000km relay, taking turns at cycling 30 minute legs for 8 hours every weekday for 2 weeks. Each rider would have their own profile page on the website, through which they could promote themselves to encourage family and friends to sponsor their efferts.

The website was developed in Drupal, which allowed us the flexibilty and support to achieve the goals needed to complete this website. With the help of tokbox and the opentok drupal module we were able to successfully stream each rider through the website’s homepage so friends, family and everyone else can watch and enjoy the event as they ride. Each riders is able to register and upload their own profile image and bio, and book their own timeslots for the event. Their profile page displays the stats of their ride, how much they have raised, messages from family and friends who donated, as well as a personal donation form specific for that rider so their total can be calculated.

As well as a page displaying all the registered riders, the website has leaderboard showing the total raised and km’s ridden for each rider.

The event kicked off today so visit to watch the riders and support this great cause. For more information, or to become a corporate sponsor of this worthwhile event, please contact us on or Jessika Woolford from The Employment Office on 1300 366 573.