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Progress on the Trigger App

Today I have been implementing the Update functionality for each of the three main sections (Tasks, Companies and Projects).

To for example update a task, all the user has to do is click the “Edit” button when listing all tasks, and the table will enter edit mode, which allows users to delete or update tasks. When a row is tapped, the task details are displayed in a modal view and in edit mode, where every field of the task is displayed in a text field in order to let the user edit it.

Before start implementing the function in TitaniumStudio, I test the communication with Trigger’s API (documented here) with Postman. Postman is a REST client, implemented as a Google Chrome App. I find it as a great help when testing all my queries. Once I get the query format needed, i start coding it in TitaniumStudio. At the beginning, I was thinking about letting users update each field by a text box, but I soon realised that the API just accept some fixed values for some of the updating fields. I am now working on adding a sliding picker for each of the fields that just accepts a set of fixed values, in order to limit the user’s input possibilities. The pickers will be presented in the same way the “Log date” picker is presented in order to achieve consistency across the app, that is, sliding the picker form the button of the screen, while a “Done” button slides in form the side. I will post the results when finished!