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On A Quest to Learn Ruby on Rails

I have acquired a main quest, and that is to learn Ruby on Rails. This is not because I need it for work (well it’s one part of it) but because I wanted to try something new. Who knows, maybe someday I’ll catch up with the front line. Many say it’s easy. Others say you can learn it in a week or in a span of days. Well, I am about to find out. This would be more of learning Ruby on Rails on a PHP developer’s perspective.

Setting Up

Self-learning was hard at first. I was just relying to forums and my colleagues if I got stuck. I was like Jon Snow, who knows nothing (sorry can’t help it). For the past few weeks, I’ve been reading articles and tutorials about ROR. But one does not simply learn a programming language through reading. One must code! So I started this journey to set it up on Windows. It was so tedious that it took me 2 failed days before deciding to install it on Ubuntu instead. Well, setting up was not hard, but making the environment compatible with your project / app in Windows was so hard. When I tried to install bundles in an application, almost every gem returns an error of missing lib, compatibility and the like. But Ubuntu was good to me. I’m beginning to love it actually!

In PHP all you need is an Apache server. But not in Ruby on Rails. You need rails, gems, rvm / rbenv for management, and most importantly patience.

Hello World

Following the tradition, I created my first project - my Hello World project. Ruby tags are easy to understand I must say. PHP and ROR are alike in some ways. In every PHP way of coding things, there is an equivalent Ruby way.

Status: Still On The Basics

I have this great Ruby on Rails book by Michael Hartl to finish. It’s a zero to deploy tutorial which I am really interested in reading.

Right now, I am contributing to few of NetEngine’s projects. Even if it’s only on the Front-end, I still feel it as a great accomplishment. Someday I will be able to give bigger contributions and I will look forward to that day.