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New Layout and Editing Features for the Trigger App!

Today I implemented the Add function, which was the last one remaining. The App is now fully able to Add, Update, and Delete Tasks, Companies and Projects.

I also changed the layout of the app a bit. The Edit button, which allows users to Update or Delete a task, was located on the main table, where all fetched results are displayed. Now instead, the edit button is located inside the task. It felt more intuitive to first select the task, and then have a edit button in this tasks detail window.

When this edit button is pressed, edit mode is entered where every field can be updated. As the fields are not the final fields, I have not added the update functionality for all of them. When in edit mode, labels are transformed into text fields to be able to edit. The delete function is at the moment deactivated, but it will apear in this view as a red button (just in edit mode). I also changed the Done button to confirm the changes directly, instead of having to press “Save Changes” button.

Another minor change that has been added, is the Tab bar. before it was not displayed in all windows, now it does in order to facilitate navigation and enhance user experience. Also, the add button has been aded on the right side of the screen, as the edit function is now in a second window. A filter function is the next feature to be implemented, which will allow users to filter the displayed results, by company, assigned tasks, etc..