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NetEngine trades tech with Shantanu Starick

Earlier this year we traded software for photography with Shantanu Starick, the man behind the Pixel Trade project.

We’ve since added some of the results from the trade around the site, check out the front page to see some in the header.


As Shantanu describes on his site:

I am travelling to all seven continents of the globe trading my services as a photographer for life’s basic necessities. No currency, no contracts, only my camera and an eager smile.

The idea is to reintroduce the bartering system into day-to-day life.

In exchange for my skills as a professional photographer, all I’m asking from my subjects is a roof to sleep under, food to keep the stomach happy and a ticket or ride to the next trade. Shelter, food and transport traded for whatever photography work you need snapped. It’s that simple.


We saw Shantanu speak at TEDxBrisbane in 2013, after building the registration system for that event.

In exchange for his services and hosting him for a few days, we built an custom map using our product Big Sky for data storage and management. You can see the project here or embedded within the Pixel Trade website.


See more from his visit on his website.