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Milaana - Designer, meet database

Bruce, Dan and I met with Hollie Gordon a little over two months ago to help her figure out a good set of first moves for the Milaana project. We decided that I’d build an in-browser prototype which could be used to garner attention / investment in the idea.

I’d say I’m a designer with front end development skills, I’d also say that knowing how to learn is the single most important skill there is. Also, some projects really take hold of you.

That evening I set up a working Rails app with a Projects API in order for the front end to render directory listings as Handlebars templates. I set up Organisations, having many Projects, Projects having many Positions; and the fun part: Positions having and belonging to many Skills, Projects having many Skills through positions, etc… Relationships, eh?

Milaana Data Structure

I worked with geocoding and event machines, join models and first_or_initialize. A pretty good friday night for a type nerd come front end developer. Solving problems and learning new things! YAY!

Milaana has grown a lot since that first mad dash. Olivier took over backend construction, added tests (!), users, applications, file uploads and a heap of other great stuff. Ricardo has also lent his hand, adding email notifications. It’s now ready to be unleashed onto the world. Can’t wait to see the positive impacts it will have.