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Mapbox for the greater good

75% of businesses currently do not have a mobile version of their website. Given the rapid growth in devices and consumer adoption of mobile technology …”

This statistic derives its relevance thanks to the Chamber of Commerce Queensland (CCIQ) Digital Readiness survey conducted in October last year.

The Brief

The survey asked 700 Queensland based businesses, a series of questions to gauge their digital readiness. It then delivered an aggregated score giving them a ranking position to understand just how prepared for the ever-evolving digital economy they currently are.

Chamber of Commerce & Industry Queensland (CCIQ) and Glentworth (the firm devising the research) asked NetEngine to apply our innovation and technological nous in order to present the rankings for the participating businesses. Our commitment was to do so as elegantly, succinctly and without clutter as possible.

Our solution

Using Mapbox, our UX design team took the data sets of ‘geographical location’ and ‘digital readiness ranking’ and used these to plot the survey ranking results.

To enhance the interactivity of this map a ‘geo positioning’ element was added for the launch event, which sourced any hashtag reference #CCIQtech from Twitter. A live feed was visible on the map and in ‘real-time’ tweeting saw the hashtag references change as mentions occurred.

View the project at

Why Mapbox?

Here at NetEngine we seek to work with open source software and open data as much as possible. Preference to adopt Mapbox’s offering of cartographic software is because they do too. Their rendering system, infrastructure and great javascript APIs are powered by OpenStreetMap data whose main goal is to create a free, collaborative and editable map of the world.

Bruce at the Chamber of Commerce & Industry Queensland (CCIQ) Digital Readiness launch event