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Making a difference at RHoK Brisbane May 2014

I always enjoy giving my time to a good cause and on the last weekend of May I was lucky enough to get the chance to do just that. On that weekend there was a RHoK event in Brisbane. The weekend was truly full of ideas, great conversations and good old hacking.

We had two problem owners at this event, Resonate which is a organisation with a focus on promoting socially and environmentally aware organisations and Kidzcan Zimbabwe which is a organisation working tirelessly to support children with cancer.

The question we started out with was “What can we do to support these organisations to help them help others?”. You might be wondering at this point what exactly did we decide would make the most difference. This ended up being two different web applications, one for each of the problem owners.


Kidzcan Zimbabwe

Kidzcan Zimbabwe currently has the following challenges: funding, advocacy/awareness, education and resources. Taking this into consideration we decided to build the “Kidzcan Hub” with the hope this would assist them to streamline their processes and make everything from patient management to working without access to internet easier.

Basically the hub does the following things:

  1. Centralises all their data (patients, resources).
  2. Puts everything in the cloud.
  3. Provides offline continuity - csv exports and backups to access their databases when internet access is not available.
  4. Patient SMS support - automated, templated, scheduled sms’s.
  5. Beautiful Reporting - geo vis and bar charts.
  6. Offline patient upload system (html5 offline storage).


While all the features are not yet implemented, we believe the we have given Kidzcan the start of a system we hope they will continue to use into the future, with the overall goal of helping them help kids in need.


The people at Resonate care about promoting organisations that are doing what they can to make a difference. For Resonate, we decided that we would build a portal to allow organisations who are doing social or environmental good to tell their story to a wider community. We spent a fair bit of time working out how this sort of platform would work and what we came up with, we believe if implemented will foster and continue to grow the number of organisations who are wanting to make a difference.

We decided the portal should have the following features:

  1. Powerful mapping features to allow all organisations shown in geographical space.
  2. Ability to easily create physical marketing collateral that will allow the organisation to inform its patrons about their visions and goals.
  3. QR codes and short-links imbedded into the marketing material to allow people to easily transition from the printed material to the website.
  4. Provide ability for the platform to be expanded easily by future contributors.


Where is the code!??!!

The code for both projects can be found on the RHoK Brisbane Github. With both of our projects we have kept the codebase as generic as possible to allow it to be easily reused by anyone in the opensource community.

Where to from here?

Both the projects are still incomplete in terms of implementation, but both projects on Sunday afternoon had a clear vision and roadmap for how they could progress to completed solutions. We are excited to see where the problem owners will choose to take these solutions.

With thanks!

I would like to thank all the 30 odd people who made the effort to dedicate time to the RHoK Brisbane event. Everyone who was there over the weekend is also grateful to our sponsors:

  1. Ninefold for providing hosting and lunches on both days.
  2. Amazon Web Services for providing hosting vouchers.
  3. Reddog Technology for providing drinks.
  4. DiUS Computing for providing support to RHoK regionally and providing tshirts and other goodies!


If you are interested in participating in a RHoK Brisbane event in the future, please join our Meetup group.