Girl Friday’s Code School Open Day event wrap-up | NetEngine

Girl Friday’s Code School Open Day event wrap-up

From our deck to the front door Last Friday evening NetEngine opened the doors. We welcomed anyone with an interest in what we do and those eager to learn about our plans for the future, in.

Without a doubt, we were chuffed by the level of engagement between those who came and our developers, directors and Girl Friday (aka me.) It was exactly what we hoped for - people in possession of an open mind and attitude keen to understand the NetEngine way.

A crowd gathers to talk about the school
Dan speaking about how it should feel to learn

Did we do a dance to convince you of our methods and their tried and tested success? Err, sort of.

Following the initial ‘meet and greet’ session, where beers were cracked and a dull roar by the gathering could be drowned, we heard from Bruce Stronge, Managing Director for NetEngine.

Bruce outlined NetEngine’s plans to conduct an in-house code school. Hooray! Bruce, as our leader, you sure know how to entice a crowd.

To sustain attention we introduced, Chief of the Indians, so to speak, Dan Sowter. Fast building a reputation for himself as NetEngine’s Pinup Centrefold (we pimp him out quite a lot and apparently the ladies like him), our Solutions Architect took to the proverbial soapbox and talked through our approach to business, via Continuous Everything and he also seized the opportunity to present a current application he’s busy building right now. *spoiler NE’s code school grads - expect to do the same.

He’ll blog about this later - once it’s all said and done, but briefly: Dan’s got some mates at Zapier who are currently looking for input around how integrations can be built for their software via Ruby. Dan’s work to-date has been to build a ‘Resthooks’ API and offer it up for integration. He did mention hamburgers and beers to explain it to the devs and wannabe devs standing in front of him, so no doubt the crowd started thinking about those two things much the same way Homer Simpson would.

Rowan speaking about SASS, variables, and becoming a coder
Bruce thanking people for coming

Rowan Hogan, NetEngine’s guru of Frontend design and development then took his turn to entertain the crowd. He’s a crossover casanova and I must say the oooohs and ahhs escaping from the audience were warranted. The source of this awe was his passion for performance and rapid in-browser design…. “Dazzling” and “I see ‘pretty’ colours” were comments I overheard.

So where to from here? Well aside from the reassessment of the beer budget - to be expanded it seems, as well as the inclusion of an accidentally overlooked, gluten-free menu, we gathered the info we think we need to make a start on crafting our courses. You can learn more about this here.