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It's Earth Day!

Every year, the 22nd April (since 1970) is known as Earth Day! It is a day where everyone is encouraged to think a little bit more of the environment. We asked to mindful of catastrophic changes which might result if our society continues to disrespect the Earth.


NetEngine is very happy to exist on this planet and in order to minimize our collective impact to our environment we already have in place some simple practices, which we encourage others to adopt if you aren’t already adept to them. They include, recycling or providing showers so people can come to work by bike.

We are always thinking of how to take this further. In the meantime, to show our respect for Mother Earth on its day we’re taking some simple steps like, inviting everyone to avoid using the car; keeping the aircon off for the entire day; minimising the use of lights and other polluting devices, and given we’ll likely survive the day without these things, we’ll likely adopt them as common practice.

What is happening to the planet, and why?

It seems to be quite accepted that advanced societies, like ours, have created negative impacts to life on this Earth. I’m sure you have heard about it, if not, here’s a great explanatory video from Crash Course, a terrific channel by the way.

Why is it important?

Earth survived pretty well, when the asteroid hit that wiped away the dinosaurs and it will adapt to the worst of our behaviour, but will we?

Even the human race might survive ourselves, but my concern is how will our actions affect our quality of life?

Earth Day is a chance to focus on what can be improved to keep our quality of life from decline dramatically. Try something eco-friendly one day and see how it can fit your everyday lifestyle.

What to do on Earth Day?

Anything you can think of which has positive effects on decreasing pollution is good, also sharing awareness is important. Here are some ideas I discovered over the internet:

Further resources and being engaged

I strongly advise you to watch Hans Rosling’s Ted talk, very inspiring and quite funny (as are all his talks).

Didn’t make it in time for 2013?

Don’t wait for 2014, make your own Earth Day tomorrow!

Thank you Earth!