Boundless enthusiasm and learning to be lean - The code school website | NetEngine

Boundless enthusiasm and learning to be lean - The code school website

For our first project as part of the the NetEngine team, Stanislav and I were asked to produce a landing page to garner interest in and gather information for a code school. We got carried away a little. We learned a lot.

Todo apps and text based games are oft suggested learning exercises for beginning programmers. We thought playing off that would make for a neat experience for users, and a good intro to a new working environment for us. “We’ll make it like a text based game!”. We could make a site which looked like Zork but saved user responses, like a survey. “Hey great idea! Sounds pretty easy , right?”. Well, ambition == true while grasp<reach.


As it happens developing a survey is involved, and after figuring out the information we would need to collect it became apparent that the app would need to be pretty clever also. Different users would have to see different questions depending on the answers they provided. Stan and Olivier came up with an elegant solution: questions have a list of possible answers, each answer has a next-question, when there’s no next question - hey presto, we’re done. The questions asked and the responses to them are saved to the database along with the user id. It sure sounds easy now.

In the end we had ‘jumped the shark’ and developed the foundations of a dynamic, light survey tool. Surplus to need? Yes. Potentially very useful? Yes. An invaluable learning experience and introduction to working with the awesome people at NetEngine? Also, yes.