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CampJs IV (Guide) - It's what you make of it

This is my third time at this event and once again I’m enjoying it a lot. The choices are limitless. The first time I focused on workshops and socializing. The second time I focused on talks and socializing. This time, for a change, I am focused on socializing. I’m having great time. I just can’t wait for the next one (as I’m writing this sentence it’s Sunday 3am, and I’m just the right amount of drunk).


On the Internet

The website is simply amazing, very appealing for tech people, a great job from Hugh Kennedy. If you’re into 3D you sure would have enjoyed this talk Learn WebGL.


The location - Springbrook


It’s warm during the day and quite fresh during the night. It is similar to winter in Brisbane. I suggest anyone heading up to Springbrook this time of year packs some warm clothes.


The dorms at the bottom of the camp have less beds and have their own bathroom, so they’re slightly better.

The Springbrook National Park

The National Park is only a short walk away from the camp site. There’s usually a group walk there, but it’s also very nice in smaller groups. It is a really nice place, we went there by night and we were surrounded by fireflies. I saw some sort of small blue yabby, which turned out to be a Lamington Spiny Crayfish. For me, being at the twins waterfall, lit only by the moonlight was a very peaceful experience.

The Bonfire

It’s a great experience for socializing, I totally suggest you come by and say hi, bring some marshmallows. It’s also the warmest place on the camp by night.


I don’t have many chances to play this very social game in such a large group. I’m looking forward to playing it again soon. And many thanks to the game masters.

The ping pong table was a bit more uneven than I remember it, but it was still fun.

The Talks

Previous CampJs events had a fair bit of content about frameworks like Angular, Ember and Meteor, this time I feel there is a much bigger focus on Node and 3d, let’s see what will come up next.

The descriptions are on the website and hopefully the videos will be uploaded shortly, as they are available now for CampJs III.

Talks highlights:

The workshops

This time I haven’t done much myself, but the rest of the team is really into it, and they are especially excited to work with tessel. Brad also played around mouse events and DOM API, to draw and color tags, made with vanilla javascript only, and now he’s playing cards. Find his project here.

In Conclusion

On a technical level, I had the chance to get some really good code reviews on my latest AngularJs efforts. I also had some fruitful conversations that have clarified my thoughts about where the industry is going.

Thanks to Tim (@secoif), Nigel (@nr99) and everyone that collaborated to make this event possible. I have had nothing but good vibes from all of you guys. We (the NetEngine Team) hope to see you all again at the next CampJs.

The NetEngine Team at CampJs

Also special thanks to Bruce for the tickets.