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Application Performance Improved by 66% using NewRelic!

We increased the performance of a single feature for one of our applications by 66%, providing users with a better software experience.

We used NewRelic to help identify resource costs for a rails 2.3 application and to see if we can improve performance. Once this application was reporting under a NewRelic account it became apparent that one of the most important features of this website was also the slowest.

As you can see in the “web transactions” screen, the Admin::ApplicationsController#show is killing the performances of the website:

Performance Killer

Having a look at the “detailled trace” for a specific call shows a horrible “findbysql” eating 78.57% of the time for this request.

Detailled Trace

NewRelic provides this awesome feature; you can explain the request straight from the interface to see what is wrong.

Request Explained

Yes… this is halloween! On one side we pull 200K of records to match them against 1 row. This request was taking around 3 and 4 seconds and was used most of the time only to do a count.

It took a few minutes to push a fix using a simple SQL JOIN statement and to deploy it into production. The results were impressive! The time of execution of the request was reduced to one millisecond !

Optimized request

NewRelic after optimization

The CPU utilization of the RDS instance dropped from 15% to 7%.

RDS CPU utilization

It took around one hour from the discovery of the issue in NewRelic to creating a fix and deploying it into production. All of the users are now very happy!

Happy Halloween!