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An Insider’s Outsider Perspective

Red Hat Forum Materials So Far

I’ve been lurking at NetEngine for about a month now, designing Outfit templates for Red Hat. My simple introduction to HTML and CSS at uni was enough to instigate a profound interest in web and app design but failed to enlighten me as to the possibilities that programming can provide. The team are constantly solving new problems with such innovation that I am seriously impressed.

Recently I was able to join Brad for a meeting with Andy from Red Hat and his colleagues Jasmine and Estelle in Singapore, as Brad and Andy did a run through of Outfit for them. The excitement and relief at the potential of Outfit was audible in their comments, and I could only empathise. Weeks ago I didn’t think this kind of technology existed, without knowing of an alternative I expected designers to continue being responsible for plugging in the copy and making however many variations of designs that the client wanted. Recently I was asked by a past client to change the dates on a flyer that I have created for them - something that took me half an hour to affect the changes across all of the programs that I used. While the money I got in exchange was welcome, this kind of annoying change could become a thing of the past. This is so lovely.

Also, coming from a graphic design background, I deal mainly with aesthetics and readability more so than functionality. Being part of a team that works to help people in some way or another rather than just excite them (although, we do aim to please) is very, well, exciting. Being exposed to the fusion of graphic design with programming technologies that exists at NetEngine, I can see that the (Big)sky really is the limit ( ;) ). Even though I have been working with Outfit every week, I still feel the excitement that Jasmine and Estelle felt in knowing that there is a growing technology to facilitate the efficiency of graphic design, and I am eager to catch up to the boys in their chasm of knowledge.