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Scout Talent is Australia’s leading open platform, services-enabled recruitment software provider. Their recruitment technology enables customers to choose their ideal tech-stack suited to their business, with recruitment services for additional expertise and support when required.

Scout Talent wanted to develop a software solution to increase efficiency for their users: the Shortlisting Specialists in their business and their customers (internal recruitment teams and hiring managers). They also wanted to take a solution to market.

A need for richer data

Scout Talent needed a way to obtain richer data from candidate applications during the recruitment process. However, at the same time, they didn’t want to create extra steps for candidates or hiring managers. They needed to save them time and help them make the right decisions, faster.

Scout Talent wanted to gain behavioural insights from candidates earlier in the recruitment process for hiring managers to gain a broader view and easily compare them to one another. Other recruiters include behavioural questionnaires in their recruitment processes, but these cause delays and inconveniences.

Their idea was to analyse the screening questions in the early stages of the application process and give hiring managers a convenient overview.


NetEngine consulting with a member of the Scout Talent team

An AI-powered solution

The NetEngine team developed Scout Talent’s Application Insights: a new AI-powered feature that uses language analytics to infer individual personality characteristics from a candidate’s responses.

The tool incorporates the Big Five personality traits into the application process. Users can view a visual representation of the application content and begin building on their understanding of a candidate’s identity from the information they provide – without adding additional steps to the process!


Application Insights sunburst


IBM Wattson's "big 5" graph as seen on

Launching “Application Insights”


Scout Talent Client Success Specialist working with recruitment consultants

Scout Talent is currently training their internal teams on how to use the new product. They will be rolling Application Insights out to their customer base in the coming months and are enthusiastic about the results so far.

They look forward to continuing their partnership with NetEngine to conduct more data science and artificial intelligence work. Having access to NetEngine’s managed services gives them ongoing support in updating their software’s user-interface and automations, and improving their blended recruitment software and services offering.

Client comments

James Keele, Product Manager, Scout Talent

NetEngine helped us push this project to the top of the priority list. Scalability was an important advantage and they have so many different skillsets available. We could have used other developers, but it would have taken longer, costed more and easily have been thrown into the ‘too hard basket’. We chose NetEngine because of their diverse skillset and expertise, and being able to access a local team.


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