Seriously motivating for sports and fitness.

Entrepreneurs Niall McCarthy and James Tonkin of Zova approached NetEngine with an idea to stream high-quality instructional videos for self-paced fitness training. They needed market validation within strict budget contraints before seeking funds.

By embracing change and adhering to agile methodologies, we were able to deliver a scalable content delivery system on Amazon Web Services, with an API that will continue to form the backbone of the application going forward. By focusing on the most frequent customer use cases, we avoided the complex and unnecessary components of their initial product offering, bringing costs down to 50% of estimates.

Zova - Design and front end development by Sean Bunton

Six months after launch, Zova have signed-up hundreds of customers, and are negotiating the terms of their next funding round.

James Tonkin
James Tonkin

We like the relationship because when we've got a lot of work we're able to scale up to say, 5 developers but when it's quieter we're able to drop that back.
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