PT Hub Online

Help personal trainers run their business online.

Working closely with Healthwise Global, NetEngine has been building an online platform, PT Hub Online, to help personal trainers (PT) as business owners to start their business online. The product empowers PTs to manage their schedule, sell sessions and products to clients through an online store, track their business performance and even promote different services on social media platforms.


Functional Mapping

To help define the product, the team ran through the user stories in details and mapped the working flow of the product on the paper.

Functional Map 1

We then turned them into more legible digital version and confirmed with the client.

Functional Map Business Owner Functional Map Client

Design Mockup

Design mockups and interactive inVision prototypes were created. Later on, these designs were iterated multiple times to become the interface that PT Hub Online uses now.

Design Mockup


To make the user experience even better, the team has also introduced some great add-ons to the product.

a. Help pages

With such rich functionalities, users can easily get lost when accessing PT Hub Online. Using Jekyll, PT Hub Online Help has been set up to take care of our users. Users can click on the help icons (circle with a question mark) within the application to access the related help articles.

Fun fact, it took 3 of our team members 3 days to finish up all 24 help articles.

Help Pages

b. Landing page

Apart from the main application, to help personal trainers promoting their business, the team has also set up a fully customised landing page.

Landing Page

Business owners can personalise their landing page through the settings in the main application.

Landing Page Setting

c. Personalised theme

PT Hub Online also empowers its users to freely change the tone of the application from a set of predefined color schemes to align with the branding of the business. This color scheme will be reflected not only on the main application, but also the landing page.

Color Scheme

d. Payment gateway

PT Hub Online integrates with Stripe and Paypal to help processing the transactions online and secure the payments.

Make sure you checkout the project through the following link.

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