Impact placement opportunities.

Entrepreneur Hollie Gordon approached NetEngine with an idea for, a new social enterprise connecting promising final-year university students with high-quality internships at non-profit organisations. Given the charitable focus of the project, budget was a primary consideration.

At NetEngine, we’re big advocates of The Lean Startup, and you’ll often hear us espousing its virtues. We’ve rarely seen it so wholeheartedly adopted as with Hollie. The benefits were obvious - even within her budget, she was able to put several iterations in front of both students and charities like the Red Cross, soliciting valuable feedback that shaped her platform’s future. 2

Three months after launch, is already realising its social goals, with many placements in progress. Hollie is currently in the second round of the grant process for Commercialisation Australia. All signs point to a bright future for this project.

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