Crisis Mapping for Nepal

Tracing maps to assist aid agencies in real time.

Join a team of digital humanitarian volunteers to trace satellite imagery and assist disaster response teams on the ground in Nepal in real time. You don’t need to be technical, all that is required is an interest in technology and a desire to assist the victims of this devastating earthquake.

Missing Maps - How to contribute

1. Sign Up to OpenStreet Map:

sign up

2. Go to and choose the location you want to map - you can sort these by priority


3. Read the task details and instructions to understand how best to assist, and what items to focus on


4. You will need to login to your OpenStreetMaps account on HOTOSM if you are not already logged in.


5. Click on the contribute tab or start contributing. Click on the map in one given square based on priority, or take a task at random.


6. Click on ‘Start Mapping’ and finally click on 'Edit with iD editor’


7. Follow the helpful tutorial to give you the basics of mapping


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