Javascript Developer

South Brisbane, Brisbane

Job Description

A fan of Javascript? Really like its functional programming style? Want to use it instead of other languages?

Come and talk to us!

NetEngine is a fantastic Brisbane full stack development consultancy and we are looking for great Javascript developers to work on some groundbreaking products.

This position will involve bringing your skills in Javascript and applying them to a huge range of applications and needs. An example would be writing testable, self-contained UI components using frameworks such as Angular and React.

We are seeking intermediate and senior developers or consultants who are just interested in development, as well as developers who enjoy getting in front of clients and running projects, hiring, managing clients and running a team.

As well as this, if you are senior developer in another dynamic languages (such as Python/Ruby) and want to take the jump to Javascript.

If you are interested in being part of an awesome dynamic team, building things that actually matter and learning everyday then please apply!

Skills & Requirements

  • Be interested in doing things that make a difference.
  • Write and communicate clearly and effectively (both in code and with a team).
  • Communicate really well with people of all techincal skill sets (or none).
  • Have a comprehensive understanding of Javascript and Javascript patterns.
  • Love AngularJS/React/Ember or similar.
  • Love test-driven development.

About NetEngine

NetEngine is an agile, creative, software engineering company. Among our clients, you’ll find Red Hat, Flight Centre and TEDx as well as local government organisations. We’ve built a team of smart, energetic and passionate technologists who genuinely love that their work is exciting, innovative and most importantly worthwhile - or we don’t do it!

Our lead product Outfit has just secured a 3 year global deal with the biggest open source software company in the world, and our SAAS project collaboration and billing software Trigger is used by hundreds of creative agencies around the world.

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